Member Information

Types of Membership

  • Cloverbuds - A non-competitive introduction to the 4-H club experience for children ages 5-7.
  • 4-H Members - youth ages 8-18 experience hands-on learning through a variety of project, programs, and events.  

Project Expectations for a 4-H Club Member

The expectations for 4-H membership are a balance between 4-H project work, involvement in the 4-H club, participation in 4-H activities and events, and working toward improving one's personal growth. 

Once a member reaches age 8 or 3rd grade, they can sign up for 4-H projects. These projects are a group of hands on activities, organized activities, and leadership/citizenship activities. Members can sign up for as many projects as they would like with the approval of parents and their 4-H leader. Please visit the Projects Page of this web site for more information.

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