Steps in Starting a 4-H Club

The best way to learn about 4-H is to talk to current volunteers, members and your local extension office. They can give you information on what 4-H is all about. Once you have decided to start a club, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find a location and time to meet
    Your local extension office may be able to help you locate a meeting room or building for your club. Suggested places include school buildings, community centers, churches, or leader/member's homes.
  2. Recruit youth and other adult volunteers
    Talking to families with children, printing flyers to hang up in schools, churches, and local businesses (with permission), and/or scheduling a visit to the local radio station during their community events segments are ways to promote your new club. Remember, you need 5 or more youth from 3 or more families to start a new club.
  3. Meetings
    4-H meetings are important because they can provide experiences that members cannot get outside of a group. Members learn to work together, serve on committees, and hold office. 4-H meetings give members a chance to belong and make contributions to a group. 4-H clubs are required to hold a minimum of 6 club meetings per year. 
  4. Charter
    4-H clubs are required to be chartered by the state of North Dakota in order to use the 4-H name and emblem and to claim exempt status on IRS forms. Once your club has chosen a name and has 5 or more youth from 3 or more families, contact your local extension office for the form to become a chartered club.

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