Animal Science
GB095ND 4-H Sheep or Beef Breeding Project Record
GB0964-H Market Animal Project Record
GBF0954-H Dairy Production Record
GBH156Green Horse Training Project
GBH095Horse Record
GBC095Poultry Record
GBI095Rabbit Record
GBJ0954-H Sheep Breeding Project Lifetime Record
GBJ166Youth Market Lamb Project Guide
GBL095ND 4-H Swine Breeding Project Record
FD040I’m a Cloverbud – Members Book
FD240Cloverbud Leader Guide
FB241Cloverbud Parent Brochure
FD001Caring for a Pet
FD002Green and Growing
FD002Seed Chart (goes with Green and Growing)
FD003Where in the World?
FD003Continent Cut Outs Handout (goes with Where in the World?)
FD004Exploring With Electricity
FD005Way Cool Science
FD005Kissing Fish Handout (goes with Way Cool Science)
FD006Friends and Me
FD007Setting the Table
FD007Napkin Folding Handout (goes with Setting the Table)           
FD007Secret Table Manners Handout (goes with Setting the Table)
FD008Rooted in Community
FD009Cultural Kaleidoscope: American Indians
FD009Magic Cedar Basket Handout (goes with Cultural Kaleidoscope)
FD010Nature Explorers
FD011Insect Investigations
FD012Printing with Nature
FD013Building Works of Art
FD014Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas
FD015Textile Creations
FD016Color Your World
FD017Dairy Treats
FD018Food Adventurer
Club Materials
PA092My 4-H Program Book (all members) 
PA093Planning For My Project Adventure (8-10 years old) 
PA094Complete Record Set Coversheet (8-10 year old)


Project Plan (11-18 year old)

Plan of Action


Complete Record Set Coversheet (11-18 years old)

PA098Participation Summary (11-19 years old)

4-H Project Guide


Meetings the 4-H Way, 4-H Officer’s Handbook


Club Reporter

PA803Secretary’s Book
PA804Treasurer’s Book

Request for Official Approval Establishment of New 4-H Unit

PB433Leader Enrollment Form
PB434Member Enrollment Form
PB726ND 4-H Literature, Material and Educational Resource Guide

Adult Health Statement

PB730ND 4-H Health Form
PB731Participant Expectations & Media Form (Youth Code of Conduct)
PB820 North Dakota 4-H Foundation Scholarship Application
PB821 Adult Application to Participate in 4-H Functions
PB822 North Dakota 4-H Ambassador Application
PB8284-H National Trip Application Instructions 
PB830 Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Creative Arts
FE101Building Plastic Models from a Kit
FG1084-H Scrapbooking

Cake Decorating

BCA171Jewelry Making 
Environmental and Earth Sciences

Birdwatching in ND

DD121Nature Trails, Level 1                                 
Family and Consumer Science
CB111Quilting for fun                                     
Fair & Exhibits
PA100Where Do I Enter This Exhibit? Bookmark 
Healthy Lifestyle Education
EC111Baking 1 - Beginning Baking
EC112Baking 2 - Quick Breads & Cookies
EC113Baking 3 - Yeast Breads
EC114Baking 4 - Cakes, Pies & Pastries
ECC115Food Preservation
Judging and Contest Resources
GB090Livestock Judging, A Guide to Oral Reasons
GB0924-H Livestock Showmanship Manual
GBG091Goat Showmanship Manual
GBJ0974-H Lamb Ultrasound Carcass Value Evaluation
GBH092North Dakota Horse Show Rules and Judging Guide
GCA671ND Crop Judging Guide
GCA674Weed Seed Identification Placing Cards
GCA676Market Class Score Card
DBC618Land and Home-site Judging in North Dakota


Range Judging Plant Identification Card
DDB628Range Judging Handbook for North Dakota


Range Judging Ecological Site Card
BA8004-H Communication Arts Program
BAA806The 4-H Demonstrator


Making Your Interpretive Readings Come Alive
BA875Promote 4-H Contest Guidelines
CC6164-H Consumer Decision Making
BCC546Project Expo Information Sheet and Evaluation Form
CB506Clothing Revue Sew and Show Narration Sheet
CB507Preteen Buy and Show Consumer Fact Sheet
CB508Teen Buy and Show Consumer Fact Sheet
CB509Sew and Show Constructed Information Sheet and Evaluation Form
CB511Buy and Show Consumer Clothing Revue Information Sheet and Evaluation Form
CB512Decorate Your Duds 4-H Decorated Clothing Revue Fact Sheet
CB513Decorate Your Duds Information Sheet and Evaluation Form

Helping Youth Evaluate the 4-H Educational Experience (Supplement To guide for judges)

Plant Science
GCA091Preparing Crop Sheaves of Exhibit
GCA095Crop Production Worksheet
GCA671ND Seed Identification Guide
GCA672Identifying Weeds and Their Seeds
GCB192Growing flowers for Containers and Gardens

4-H Container Gardening

GCC091Harvesting and Preparing Vegetable for Exhibit

Garden Journal

Youth Protection Policy
PB400Adult Behavior Expectations – Form A
PB408Application to Volunteer in Youth Programs – Form B
PB406Reference for Phone or Face to Face Interview – Form E
PB407Reference Check by Mail – Form F
PB412Request for Volunteer Screening Information from Another Agency Form G
PB405Confidentiality Statement – Form H
PB410Adult Chaperone Expectations for 4-H Events – Form I
PB404Report of Suspected Child Neglect or Abuse - Form J
PB413Application Log – Form K

Check Sheet for Implementation of NDSU Extension Youth Protection Policy - Form Q

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