Meats Judging

State 4-H Meat Judging Contest

Meat Judging Contest - May 8, 2021

The North Dakota 4-H Meat Judging provides an opportunity for youth enrolled in 4-H Livestock projects to enhance their carcass evaluation and retail identification skills. This project area helps youth improve life skills such as decision-making, communication skills and confidence, but also provides an opportunity to gain a very practical skill they can utilize through life as they visit the grocery store or butcher shop. Youth gain the skills to examine a cut of meat and determine which is the highest quality with the meat flavor. Whether they cook for themselves or others, they will gain a useful skill to perfect as they gain experience.

Meat Judging Contest Rules

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Judging Resource List

Class Worksheet

Contest Worksheet

Meat Judging Scantron 

Intermediate Retail ID 

Junior Retail ID

Retail Cuts with Codes

2018 Meat Judging Results

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