Interested in a project?
Contact your local NDSU Extension office to enroll in the project. Some project books are available online and will be listed under "Resources & Links". Other project books and materials can be ordered through your local extension office.

Acres of Adventure

(Grades 3-5)This after-school agriculture program contains 40 hands-on lessons developed in cooperation with curriculum specialists from the National Consortium of State Agriculture in the Classroom programs, Extension 4-H professionals and experts from the field of child-care education. Designed for grade 3-5 audiences, this curriculum has two units that develops the understanding, appreciation and application of science through a variety of agriculturally-based activities.

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(Grades K-2)
The 4-H Cloverbud program is a non-competitive program for the youngest 4-Her's. Cloverbud will be introduced to 4-H through club involvement and lessons that are developmentally appropriate. 

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Exploring the Treasures of 4-H

(Grades 2-4)
This youth activity guide provides a "treasure hunt" for youth to explore the joys of 4-H by discoering their interests, potential 4-H projects and finding 4-H where they live with the guidance of parents or other adult helpers.

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Food & Nutrition Resources

"Eat Smart. Play Hard."

To receive the Healthy North Dakota 4-H Club designation, clubs are required to incorporate at least one health, nutrition, food safety or physical activity into a minimum of six regular meetings during the year.

Part of the Healthy ND 4-H club project is a statewide campaign that emphasizes the importance of making healthy food choices, getting regular exercise and families eating together. The North Dakota State University Extension Service and Bison Athletics teamed up to launch the initiative in 2005.

Healthy North Dakota 4-H Club Leaders Guide
Healthy North Dakota 4-H Member Handout
Healthy North Dakota 4-H Club Recording Sheet
Healthy North Dakota 4-H Club Idea Guide

Family Mealtime Challenge

The goal of the Family Mealtime Challenge is to encourage families to eat with all members of their immediate family present five times per week for a month (four weeks). Forms and directions are available in the Resources & Links below.

4-H clubs interested in participating in the North Dakota Healthy 4-H Club program should contact their local Extension office.

Resources & Links:

Family Mealtime Challenge

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Reading Makes Cents

(Grades 3-5)
A financial literacy and reading curriculum. Includes 53 experiential activities developed around money including saving, spending, sharing, earning, borrowing, and lending. Can also be used in day camps, schools, or with other special interest groups of youth. 

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There's No New Water

This water conservation and water quality curriculum is groundeed in a simple yet powerful concept that water is a finite natural resource and its quantity and quality must be responsibly preserved, protected, used and reused. The curriculum includes six sequential learning modules and is intended for delivery in out-of-school group settings to be facilitated by an adult. (155 pages)

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