Boundaries & Boundaries Jr.

What is Boundaries?

NDSU Extension developed Boundaries to offer research-based programming for parents/caregivers and youth related to rule setting.

Boundaries Jr. is available for younger youth who are in grades three through six and their parents or caregivers.

Program Objectives

Parent/caregiver and youth participants will:

  • Recognize why boundaries are important
  • Understand how boundaries reflect personal values
  • Identify negotiable and non-negotiable rules in their lives
  • Work through disagreements with authority figures respectfully

What does Boundaries Include?

The interactive program includes videos, homework, and hands-on activities to encourage learning for parents/caregivers and youth.

The program includes five weeks of material:

  • The first two weeks focus on the need for boundaries and understanding how and why rules are set in different contexts and environments. During the first two sessions, parents/caregivers and youth are together.
  • During weeks three and four, youth and parents/caregivers are in separate sessions. Youth focus on Working Alongside Authority and Setting Their Own Boundaries. Parents/caregivers learn about Parenting Styles and Setting Rules for Youth.
  • The final week includes a lesson on setting rules and boundaries as a family.

Basic Concepts

The core concepts from which Boundaries was developed include:

  • Rules and procedures refer to stated expectations regarding behavior (Emmer, 2006).
  • Boundaries/rules are a reflection of values of family, school, faith communities and organizations.
  • A youth's job is to push boundaries; the parents'/caregivers' job is to set them.
  • Youth come face to face with their parents'/caregivers' values. Their decision is whether to incorporate those values into their lives as they grow (Walsh, 2007).
  • Adults also follow these concepts in new relationships and work settings.

Participation in Boundaries will teach parents/caregivers how to use boundary setting to:

  • Avoid conflict with youth
  • Encourage responsibility and self-management
  • Resolve problems
  • Prevent pointless, frustrating, no-win power struggles
  • Establish a foundation of mutual trust, consideration, and respect


These programs can be purchased at the links below:

Boundaries - $25                      Boundaries Jr. - $25                       (Free to NDSU Extension)  

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