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  • Endorsed identities
    • For example, "Global Institute of Sustainability" has their own logo
      Units elible for an endorsed brand are - schools that are not primary academic units (e.g., headed by a director instead of a dean) may use an endorsed brand with permission of the dean of their primary academic unit. Once an endorsed brand is approved, it may be used in place of the university logo on all materials, both print and electronic. One, and only one, logo should be used on a publication or webpage to represent a unit of the university. If two or more university units are represented in the same publication, the university logo should be used in place of the two individual unit logos. Two or more endorsed logos should never be used in a single publication.
      All endorsed identities -
  • Trademarks and Registered Marks
  • General NDSU Affiliation
    • What if you work in an area that isn't a college, school or an official center. How do you represent yourself as part of the university?
      The answer is simple.
      Use the logo, respect the proper area of isolation and include your department or office's name using <fontname> or other recommended font. Ensure the font size is in proper proportion to the logo.
      Example <example>

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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