Scholarship Thank You Letter Instructions

  • All scholarships are contingent upon recipients writing an appropriate thank you letter to the donor(s).
  • You may use the template below as a guide to writing your own letter. Letters will be printed on letterhead, so be sure to leave ample space at the top of the page.
  • Submit your letter electronically as a Word document via the instructions in the scholarship system.
  • Letters must be submitted by May 15.
  • The scholarship committe will review your letter for quality. If it is not well-written or reflective of the standards of the College of Business, it may be returned to you for revision.











Dear [Prefix (Dr., Ms. Mr. etc.) First and Last Name of Donor—OR—Name of Organization],


Paragraph I: State the purpose of your letter.

Thank the donor(s) for your scholarship (include scholarship name and amount) and express your gratitude for receiving it.


Paragraph II: Share a few details about yourself and what the scholarship means to you.

You might include something about your background, academic profile, or whatever feels most relevant.


Paragraph III: Reterate your thanks and your commitment to do well with their investment in you.

You might indicate the impact this award will have your you in your academic or career goals, or what you will do with the opportunities it affords you, for example.




Your First and Last Name
Your Address
Your City, State and Zip Code






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