Business Administration

The business administration program has evolved to meet the needs of business firms and students by providing our students with a broad knowledge base in economics, accounting, management, marketing, management information system and finance – with a blend of theory and practice.

The curriculum blends general education, pre-professional course work, fundamental business knowledge (accounting, finance, management, marketing, and information systems), international business, and business elective courses. The curriculum of this major is also designed with a 21-credit business elective block plus 3 credits of 300/400 level free electives built into the program.  These electives allow students to pursue their personal or professional interest in certain business domains, which can be in the form of a specific track (e.g., Supply Chain Management), certificate/minor (e.g., Professional Selling and Sales, Entrepreneurship), and/or topic-based courses fitting the business knowledge/skills they want to develop.

The program nurtures important business skills and administrative competencies including managing/overseeing business enterprises, ability to analyze business opportunities/challenges, legal and international awareness, interpersonal skills, and teamwork. Business Administration students are thus prepared to perform and manage various administrative and functional activities in business enterprises and non-profit organizations. 

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