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We aim to advance understanding in the areas of innovation, trade, institutions and human potential to identify policies and solutions for the betterment of society.



Kids and the Coronavirus: Unintended Consequences Two Years Later

By Dr. Stefanie Meyer, Challey Fellow

As we reflect on the past two years, we must act now to correct the unintended consequences of accelerating the pandemic of too little exercise and increasing weight of our children. Their health is our future.



Recent Media

Radio | Understanding Inflation, Recession, and the State of Our Economy
Ft. Dr. James Caton, Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness on KFGO

Profectus Magazine: Spring Edition
Co-edited by Dr. Clay Routledge

Op-Ed | The FDA Could Easily Solve the Baby Formula Shortage by Allowing More Imports from Europe
By Drs. Raymond March and Glenn Furton, Fortune

Podcast | Criticize by Creating with Magatte Wade
Ft. Dr. Clay Routledge, Profectus Podcast


Recent Events

Distinguished Speakers
Nobel laureate Vernon Smith
Spring 2022 seminars



Dr. Vernon L. Smith, Nobel laureate in economics, says people can come together to solve the world's biggest problems.


2021 American College Student Freedom, Progress and Flourishing Survey

The Challey Institute has released its first annual survey of student attitudes.


A College Catalyzed by Philanthropy

The College of Business is a microcosm of the In Our Hands campaign success. Scott Beaulier's hiring as dean aligned with the start of the campaign; benefactors rallied around his vision for what it means to study business at NDSU and began investing.



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