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We aim to advance understanding in the areas of innovation, trade and institutions to identify policies and solutions that enhance economic growth and opportunity.




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College Kids Don't Understand Socialism—or Capitalism. Our Research Proves It

There is growing skepticism about capitalism in the U.S., especially among young people. We conducted a survey to understand: What do college students really think about capitalism and socialism, and how is higher education shaping their views?




Podcast | Where College Students Stand
Ft. Drs. Clay Routledge and John Bitzan, Free Thoughts

Op-Ed | Panic Won't Stop the Delta Variant. The Market Will.
By Dr. Raymond March, The National Interest

Podcast | Clay Routledge on The Human Progress Podcast
Ft. Dr. Clay Routledge, HumanProgress

Op-Ed | US Railroads Offer Lessons On the Perils of Regulation as a Substitute for 'Competition'
By Dr. John Bitzan, The Hill

Op-Ed | Encourage Immigrant Entrepreneurs with Economic Freedom
By Drs. Ahmad Al Asady and John Bitzan, Washington Examiner



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August 17  |  They Say It Can't Be Done Film Screening


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Johan Norberg answers the question: Would the Swedish model work in the United States?



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