What are styles

The rich text editor has selections menu for Styles and Format (Normal by default).

The Format selection menu is used to set what type of text a line should use, e.x. paragraph ("Normal"), or headings.

The Styles menu is used to choose which type of layout a block or selection of text should use. The options included in the Styles menu vary depending what type of content is focused or selected in the RTE. If the menu is disabled, it means there are no options available for the current block/selection.

Apply style an element

To apply a style to an element,

  1. Select (highlight) all or part of the element, such as a paragraph or table.  This may include simply putting the cursor in the paragraph, or by clicking the intended element from the hierarchy that displays below the rich text editor (looks like "body ol li" for example)
  2. From the Styles select menu, choose the desired style
  3. Observe the style and make changes if necessary

Styles should be used for their named purpose only. This means "statement" should be used for statements, not to change the size of arbitrary text, and that "tip" should be used for tips, not to change the alignment or background of text.

Example - apply style to a list

To apply a style to text,

  1. Select (highlight) the list items from the list
  2. From the Styles selection menu, choose the desired style
  3. Observe the result and make changes if necessary
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