NDSU CMS features

Can CMS do this, that or the other thing?

Most of the features of CMS are documented, so if you don't see a feature described in the knowledge base or specifically listed here, it might not be possible to this or that without a work-around right now.

How can you find out for sure?  Here are some suggestions

  • Inspect the articles available in the knowledge base under www.ndsu.edu/cms to see if the feature you want is documented
  • Send a message to the CMS User List to see if anyone else has done what you want to do (subscribe to the list)
  • If the feature is not available, you may submit a feature request to the ITS Help Desk. This doesn't guarantee the functionality will become available (there may be technical limitations to doing so) but will alert developers to your request so it may be considered in the future. Already submitted requests are listed

Features include

  • WYSIWYG editing (like Microsoft Word)
  • File upload of Web-safe file types, such as documents, PDFs, and images
  • Document workflow.
    Enables authors to send content to site reviewer/publisher for review and publishing. This is especially useful if you employ students whose work should be reviewed before publish
  • Draft environment.
    Enables authors to make changes not visible to the public, and these changes can be canceled/undone if needed, or published
  • Automatic navigation management.
    New page links are automatically added to all site pages

Known excluded features

  • File upload of scripts not limited to Javascript, PHP, Perl
  • Insertion of user scripts included/inserted on pages (includes above-mentioned script types)
  • HTML editing using external tools like Adobe Dreamweaver or Notepad/Vim/Textedit
  • Link target (to open links in new windows)
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