To embed a PowerBI report, the report must already be Published To Web. Log in using your NDSU Email Account credentials .

Note that Publish to Web makes the report (all of its pages) available on the Internet without any authentication. You should not perform this operation for any report that contains any protected or sensitive information. Even if the page where you embed the report requires authentication--or if you don't embed it anywhere at all--it is still available on the public internet without any authentication. If you need assistance learning about protecting data, please contact IT Security.

The CMS support teams are not able to assist you with creation of PowerBI reports; however, you may be able to find help at the PowerBI Community forums, or PowerBI User Groups.

Embed PowerBI report

  1. In the PowerBI web client:
    1. Publish to Web the PowerBI report, if you haven't already done so
    2. Copy the Link you can send in email address from the PowerBI Embed in a public website dialog
  2. In TYPO3: insert a new content element, choosing Special elements > PowerBI public report
  3. Paste the Link you can send in email address from above into the Share URL field
  4. Optionally set a display Height. 600px is the default, if no value is set. Keep in mind that the visualization may appear different on mobile and desktop, so check both large and small screens to be sure the value you choose is functional on both.
  5. Save and publish the content element as usual.
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