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Upload files

To upload a file using the Filelist module,

  1. Click the Filelist module
  2. Select the folder where the file should be saved
  3. Click the Upload Files button at the top of the work area
  4. Change the 1 files pull-down menu to the number of files you want to upload
    • Over estimate if unsure how many files you will upload.  Empty input fields are allowed
  5. Click the Browse... button to find the file you want to upload from your computer
  6. Repeat step 5 for each file you wish to upload
  7. Click the Upload files button to complete the upload

Note: The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the CMS file space is 25 Megabytes.

File quota

File storage in CMS is limited. Increased storage allocations are not currently available. Default quotas are

Primary site in workspace600Mb
Secondary site(s) in workspace400Mb (each has its own folder)
Individual faculty100Mb

Pages stored in CMS do not count toward this file quota.  Only uploaded files like graphics and PDF files are included in the calculation of the fileadmin disk usage.

A storage usage mini-report is available by activating the Filelist module. The usage information is listed at the top of the file list frame.
[cms]: conatins 17 Files, 1.6 Mbytes. Quota: 29 MB/300 MB used. 9.6% usage

The summary contains three parts

  1. [cms]: - the name of your file mount. This will match your site's address segment
  2. contains 17 Files, 1.6 Mbytes. - a summary of the current folder. This will help you identify large folders
  3. Quota: 29 MB/300 MB used - a summary of the total quota usage for all files and folders for the site. Hover your mouse cursor over the summary to see the usage as a percentage.

Attempts to upload files over the quota limit will result in an upload error.

Upload files in bulk

A new Flash-based uploader will be available that enables you to upload more files with less effort. To use the new uploader:

One time only, set your user preference to use the flash uploader.

  1. Click the User settings module
  2. Click the Edit & Advanced functions tab
  3. Check the Enable Flash Uploader checkbox
  4. Click Save Configuration

To upload,

  1. click the Upload Files button as usual
  2. check the Overwrite existing files checkbox if you want to overwrite files with the same name (you must do this before step 3 if you want the files to be overwritten)
  3. click the Select Files button to select files
    • Browse to files and select the directory or file(s) and click Open as usual

Create folders

To create a folder in the Filelist module

  1. Click the next to the folder where you want to create a new folder
  2. Click New
  3. Optionally change the 1 folders drop-down to the number of new folders you wish to create
  4. Type the name of the folder you wish to create in the input field
    Repeat for each folder, if applicable
  5. Click the Create folders button to create the folders

Move files

In the event you want to reorganize files in the TYPO3 Filelist module, you may do so. However, be cautioned that moving files will break links to the file (in its old location) if any such links exist. Generally speaking, a "there are references to this item" warning will be displayed if any such links exist, though this is not guaranteed.

To move a file into another folder

  1. Open the Filelist module
  2. Optionally check the Show clipboard checkbox to assist with seeing any elements (including files) that are in the clipboard
  3. Click the button for the file you want to move
    • The cut button will change to indicate that the item has already been cut and you will see the file name listed in the clipboard
  4. Open the folder where the file should be pasted into
  5. Any locations where the clipboard item can be pasted, a (pastes into current folder) or (paste into the named folder) button will appear. Click the button to paste the item in the selected folder
  6. Click OK in the confirmation dialog that appears
  7. The element is now in the new location (no longer in the old location)

Example file-moving movie

This Flash movie demonstrates the above steps to move files

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