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Our curriculum provides a broad, practical base for a career in computing while also offering an opportunity for in-depth study of topics like artificial intelligence, software engineering, cybersecurity, operating systems, and database management systems



Recent News from the Department

BisonCyber Day Camp

The NDSU Department of Computer Science is offering 'BisonCyber' two-day summer camp for high school students. The camp will cover topics in programming, networking, cybersecurity, and robotics. It is two days long: July 27th and 28th, 2021. This is a free camp for high school students (including those attending as a high school freshman in the fall and those who have graduated from high school this past spring and are attending college in the fall). You can find more information about the camp at

Congratulations to our recent scholarship winners!

Bill Perrizo Scholarship: Francis Martinson

Nygard Scholarship: Joshua Pompa, Allison Scharmer, and Emma Cockram

Paul Juell Scholarship: Alexander Tjellesen, Jacob Rinehart, and Amanda Fetzer

Computer Science Scholarship: Alexia Schock, Alison Gonser, Dylan Miska, Brian Friedt

Niehaus Scholarship: Ryan Heilman, Alex Janssen



NDSU computer science students take third place in Digi-Key's 2020 collegiate computing competition

The NDSU team, “Team Clever Team Name”, with Erick Bickler, Jack Hance, Alex Leska, and Trent Yetzer placed 3rd in last Fall’s Digi-Key Collegiate Computing Competition. The event consisted of a variety of programming challenges of various lengths, including word problems and short and long programming challenges. While the competition is normally held at the Digi-Key headquarters in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, this year’s event was run in a distributed fashion at the participating universities. It is the fourth year in a row that one or more teams from the NDSU Computer Science Department have placed among the top three winning teams. Each year, Digi-Key Electronics invites two 4-person teams from each of 13 regional universities to participate in the competition. In addition to prizes for the participants, the department of the 3rd-placed team is awarded $1,000, that benefits our ACM student organization.

Professor Pratap Kotala interviewed about the recent cyberattacks on U.S.

Professor of computer science, Pratap Kotala was interviewed by Joel Heitkamp on "Down the Road with Joel" about the recent cyberattack on U.S. federal government agencies. This security breach went on for months, and experts believe at this time, given the widespread impact, that Russia is most likely responsible. Kotala states that these attacks happened despite the investment of billions of dollars to create state-of-the-art server security protections. There are multiple factors that made these attacks possible, states Kotala, including the safeguarding of the recent election. The attack was quite sophisticated and is of a type that we have never seen before. This happened at a time when the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) was without a full-time director. Additionally the assistant director was asked to resign on November 12th during the time of the attacks. It is difficult to say whether or not we will ever know the details of what the hackers acquired, as they might have had access to the networks for six to nine months, which gave them ample opportunity to transfer data to their servers, manipulate programs, and potentially control the networks. Watch the video to see the full interview.













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