Dr. Emily Wicktor, Assistant Professor

Office: Minard 318E38
Phone: 701-231-8784
Email: Emily.Wicktor@ndsu.edu  

Research/Teaching: Victorian Literature and Culture; Sexuality Studies; Rhetoric and Writing Studies; Critical Pedagogy; Literary and Critical Theory; Modern British and American Drama; Jane Austen/Regency; Cultural and Film Studies; Performance Theory and Semiotics; Research Methods; Writing Program Administration.

About Dr. Wicktor

A native Minnesotan, Emily D. Wicktor earned her PhD in English from the University of Kansas in 2010.  After teaching as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Tulane University, she joined the NDSU English department faculty in the fall of 2012 as the First-Year Writing Director.  After serving in that administrative role for two years, she transitioned into teaching literature, culture, pedagogy, and theory courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Her research and teaching interests include Victorian Literature and Culture, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Studies, Modern American and British Drama, and Literary/Critical Theory.  She is currently working on her book manuscript, "Imbued with the Science of Venus": Female Fallenness, Sexual Pedagogy, and Victorian Pornography.

She has chaired or served on a wide variety of graduate disquisition committees covering topics such as punk fashion in film, female representations in the work of Milton, science in the poetry of Coleridge, Victorian sensation fiction and gender, subversive agency in Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, feminist film critique and the slasher genre, Marvel and Native American representation, coercion and authorship in writing studies, postcolonial ecofeminism and South Asian literature, visual literacy and pedagogy, cultural materialism and the rhetorics of public memory, and semiotic theory and the pedagogy of graphic/comic texts.  In short, if you’re into it, she’s into it. 

In a past life, she was a Humanities Reference Librarian at the University of Kansas, and she enjoys teaching research methodology and working in specialized sexuality and sexual/medical history archival collections like those held at the Kinsey Institute, at the Private Case in the British Library, at the Wellcome Collection at London’s Wellcome Trust, and in delightfully dirty bookstores and dark corners of the Internet.   

Courses Taught:

120 College Composition II150 Being Human: Cultural Detection272 Literary Analysis316 Survey in British Literature II330 British and American Women Writers467 English Studies Capstone Experience 483/683 Topics in British Literature: Victorian Sexuality, Sensation, and Scandal762 Critical Theory764 Classroom Strategies for Teaching Assistants

Recent Publications

Manuscript (in preparation)"Imbued with the Science of Venus": Female Fallenness, Sexual Pedagogy, and Victorian Pornography.

Refereed Journal Articles (in preparation)

"Through a microscope, darling!": The Sexual and Scientific Pedagogy of Victorian Pornography. Victorians Institute Journal."Love and Safety : Learning, Teaching, and Ecstasy." Victorian Review.

Refereed Journal Articles

"Mississippi: Chinese Jump Rope Revisited." Organization & Environment 13.3 (2000): 333-37.

Book Chapters

"Mary Shelley's Frankenstein : Cultural Consciousness and Literary Critique." Patterns in Western Civilization. 3rd ed. Ed. Sarah Trulove and James Woelfel. Boston: Pearson, 2003. 106-20.

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