Bias Incident Reports

This is a log of the bias incidents reported to North Dakota State University by students, faculty, staff, and others. This log reflects NDSU’s commitment to providing information that impacts our campus and providing support and resources to members of our community who are impacted by bias incidents. Every effort will be made to post bias reports within three business days.  However, to prevent jeopardizing active investigations, there may be instances where it takes longer than three business days to post. The Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance Office documents these reports and determines if further action can be pursued consistent with NDSU Policy 156 , which may result in an investigation. Please note FERPA prohibits the release of information that makes a student’s identity easily traceable, which may lead to very generalized information being posted on this site.  

The Bias Incident Notice Team will determine if there is a specific threat to campus, and if so, will provide notification to campus.  This will most likely be emailed as an Incident Notice. The Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance Office does not make the determination or notify campus.

NDSU is committed to providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning, living, and working environment for all members of its university community. NDSU recognizes the importance of protecting and encouraging First Amendment rights to free speech.  We also recognize that mutual respect is an important foundation of scholarly communities and oppose conduct that threatens respect and inclusion.  NDSU values treating all of its students, staff, and faculty with dignity and respect. We promote and strive for an educational environment that is accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive. As a campus and a community, we need to be united in our mission and aggressively speak out against bigotry, racism, and prejudice.

If you have information on any of these reports, or to report a new incident, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance Office at, 701-231-7708, or Old Main 201.

September 2022:


Date ReportedReport FormatLocation                  Perceived Targeted IdentityDescription   Status
September 13th, 2022Report FormReed-Johnson Residence HallGender Expression/Identity, Sexual OrientationHomophobic comments were left on two whiteboards outside of roomsDocumented
September 15th-16th, 2022Multiple FormatsOutside Memorial UnionMultiple Protected ClassesVisitor to campus with signage shouting out to those passing byDocumented/Personalized responses to individual reporters


Any report or complaint filed with the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office is documented. Each report or complaint is reviewed to determine next steps: does NDSU have jurisdiction over the parties involved, does the alleged conduct meet the definition of discrimination/harassment/retaliation/sexual misconduct as defined by NDSU, and was sufficient information provided. If it is determined that NDSU has jurisdiction, the alleged conduct meets NDSU’s definitions, and sufficient information was provided, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office can then initiate an investigation. If NDSU does not have jurisdiction and/or the alleged conduct does not meet the definition of discrimination/harassment/retaliation/sexual misconduct as defined by NDSU, and/or sufficient information was not provided or is unable to be provided, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office may be unable to initiate an investigation. All efforts are made to collect additional information if it is not initially provided. The procedures outlined in Policy 156 or Policy 156.1 are followed with each report or complaint.

Incidents are archived on a monthly basis.
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