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Diversity and Civil Rights

As the leadership team for the NDSU Extension Service, we affirm our commitment to civil rights laws and requirements, to institutional equal opportunity and affirmative action policies, and to the creation of an inclusive and multicultural organization that serves appropriately all the people of this state. While recognizing the importance of nondiscrimination, we want this organization to reach beyond legal requirements to incorporate a recognition and appreciation of the values and benefits that diversity contributes to our organization's life and mission.

We also endorse and support our continuing participation in the Change Agent States Project where we have been involved since its creation. This effort, coupled with our civil rights compliance, is the foundation on which we build an organization where each employee, volunteer, and client is treated with respect and expected to behave respectfully toward others.

Adopted by the NDSU Extension Service Leadership Team
October 17, 2006


NDSU Office of Equity and Diversity

NDSU Policy Manual

North Dakota Change Agent States for Diversity

NDSU Extension Service Documents

  • <link documents civil_rights_plan.pdf>NDSU Extension Service Civil Rights Plan
  • <link indicia.htm>Non-discrimination Statement
  • <link accommodations.htm style2>Public Notifications and Accommodations
  • Recruitment and Hiring Procedures and Resources
  • <link documents recruitmentadvertisingsources.doc>Recruitment for Extension Nonbanded Positions
  • <link civil-rights-laws.htm>Summaries of Civil Rights Laws Relevant to Extension
  • <link diversity learning_process.pdf>A Process for Learning About and Creating Programs for Culturally Diverse Audiences

NDSU Extension Service Forms

  • <link documents civil_rights_review_guide.doc>County Civil Rights Review Guide - Word Document
  • <link documents countycensusoverview.doc>County Census Overview - Word Document

  • <link diversity county_annual_checklist.doc>County Civil Rights Annual Audit Checklist
  • Recruitment and Hiring Forms:

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