Commodity Trading Lab

"The CTL has emerged to be state of the art both in technology and design and as such will provide a very positive environment for teaching students with interests in commodity marketing.  It will be the first of its kind that specializes in agricultural commodities.  

I have to be highly complimentary working with Facilities Management in the development of the room.  They were very accommodative, understanding,  suggestive and professional, the end-result being a room that was done in a timely way, and that is extremely nice and something we will be proud of for years to come.  

NDSU has a long tradition of training futures leaders in this industry and the CTL will allow this to continue and grow.  It will ultimately provide better training and exposure to marketing technology that is now the standard in these industries.    It has a multitude of uses and has the potential to be used in other programs including portfolio and finance courses in the CBA”

- Dr. William Wilson, Distinguished Professor, AES Agribusiness and Applied Economics

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