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College Faculty & Staff Directory

ALLMARAS, DawnAcademic AssistantNursing
ANDERSON, NataliePharmacy CSRFamily Health Care
ASKEW, LoriAcademic AssistantNursing
BACKES, AlyssaAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
BARNACLE, MykellAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
BENNING, KeriAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
BERG, JamieAcademic AssistantDean's Office


Assistant Professor of PracticeNursing
BEYER, Laura
Lecturer - Simulation TechNursing
BIBERDORF, BobProfessor EmeritusPharmacy Practice
BORK, JanisBudget CoordinatorNursing
BRANDON, JulieExperiential AssistantPharmacy Practice
BRASS, DoreenLecturer - Simulation EducatorNursing
BRYNJULSON, RebeccaAssistant Professor of Practice and IPPE DirectorPharmacy Practice
BUETTNER-SCHMIDT, KellyAssociate ProfessorNursing
BUISAN-CATEVILLA, MiguelStaff PharmacistFamily Health Care
BURKETT-VETTER, AbigailAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
CARSON, PaulProfessor of Practice 
Public Health
CERNUSCA, DanAssistant Professor/Instructional DesignerPharmacy Practice
CORR, KellyPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
DANIELSON, RamonaResearch Associate ProfessorPublic Health
DAVIS, DanaDirector of Student Professional DevelopmentDean's Office
DEWEY, MarkAssociate Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
DOBERVICH, GretchenPH Health Policy ManagerAI PH Resource Center
DRUMMOND, AmyLecturerPharmacy Practice
EAGLE, RyanPH Research Project ManagerAI PH Resource Center
ELIASON, AnneAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
ERICKSON, StephanieAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
ERRETT, KrisProgram Assistant 
Allied Sciences
ESLINGER, MelissaProgram & Communications CoordinatorDean's Office
EUKEL, HeidiProfessorPharmacy Practice
FENELON, LindaAdminstrative AssistantFamily Health Care
FETTIG, Ashlee
Assistant Professor of Practice/Simulation ManagerNursing
FIELD, BrendaStudent Services SpecialistNursing
Assistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
FIX, NathanHIV/STI Outreach CoordinatorPublic Health
FRENZEL, JeanneProfessorPharmacy Practice
FRIESNER, DanielSenior Associate DeanDean's Office
GOMES, RobertoAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
GORES, GailSimulation EducatorNursing
GROOM, AmandaAcademic AdvisorNursing
GROSS, CarlaAssociate Dean of Nursing, Chair of Nursing (Fargo),
Associate Professor of Practice
GROSS, DeanAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
GUO, AngAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
GUTHMILLER, MarthaAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
HAGEN, JaneAcademic AssistantNursing
HAGEN, KeraPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
HALDAR, ManasPost DocPharmaceutical Sciences
HALL, KylieCIRE Project CoordinatorPublic Health CIRE
HALL, SusanAssociate Professor of PracticeNursing
HAO, ShuangVisiting ScholarPharmaceutical Sciences
HARING, JodieCOBRE Lab ManagerPharmaceutical Sciences
HARRIGER, ShannonAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
HATZENBUHLER, NicoleAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
HAUG, KarlaAssistant ProfessorNursing
HAUGEN FRIESNER, KellyAcademic Advisor (Pre-Pharmacy)/Sr. LecturerDean's Office
HEUER, LorettaProfessorNursing
HEUPEL, TammyAcademic AdvisorNursing
HOHMAN, AdamAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
HURSMAN, AllisonAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
HUSETH-ZOSEL, AndreaAssociate ProfessorPublic Health
JANSEN, RickAssociate ProfessorPublic Health
JARAJAPU, YagnaAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
JOHNSON, JillAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
JOHNSON, Pamela JoChair/Associate ProfessorPublic Health
JOHNSON, PatAcademic AssistantNursing
KELLER, HollieAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
KELSCH, MichaelInterim Associate Dean, Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
KENZIE, DanielAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
KETTERLING, JulieAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
KISER-LARSON, NormaProfessor EmeritusNursing
KOWALSKI, DianaLibrary AssociateLibrary
KROM, JanetAdministrative Assistant to ChairPharmaceutical Sciences
KUNKEL, CharlysDirector of Nursing/Assistant Professor of PracticeNursing
KVANVIG-BOHNSACK, DanielleProject ManagerNursing
LARSON, MaryAssociate ProfessorPublic Health
LAYEK, BuddhadevAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
LECLERC, EstelleAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
LEE, BettyStaff PharmacistFamily Health Care
LOFGREN, MarkExperiential Education and E*Value CoordinatorPharmacy Practice
LUNDEEN, TinaEmeritus Assistant Professor of PracticeNursing
MAACK, BrodyVice Chair/Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice
MACADAMS, AngelaDirectorAllied Sciences
MACKOWICK, MaggieAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
MALLIK, SankuProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
MATHEW, SijoAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
MCCLEARY, RebeccaBudget ManagerDean's Office
MCDANIEL, BeckyAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
MEYER, StefanieDirector of Accreditation/Assistant Professor of PracticePublic Health
MIKKELSEN, HeatherPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
MILLER, DonaldProfessorPharmacy Practice
MONSON, ElizabethAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
MONSON, MimiAdministrative Assistant/COBRECOBRE Pancreatic
MUZZY WILLIAMSON, JuliaAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
NAUGHTON, CynthiaProfessor EmeritusDean's Office
NELSON, SharonAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
OBRITSCH, ChristieAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
O'MEARA StaceyPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
O'ROURKE, StephenProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
PELTIER, AllisonAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
PETERSON, CharlesDean and ProfessorDean's Office
PETERSON, LeahPharmacy CSRFamily Health Care
PETERSON, LoriAssistant to the DeanDean's Office
PETERSON, MarianPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
PETRY, NatashaAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
PROCHNOW, LindsayPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
REARDON, MelissaMFP Project ManagerPublic Health
RENNER, CarolCollege Marketing/Communication LeadDean's Office
RICHTER, LisaDirector of Experiential Outreach and AssessmentPharmacy Practice
SAARINEN, HeidiAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
SADOWSKY, AllisonAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
SANDHURST, HollyAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
SCHAFFER FRAASE, KolbyAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
SCHMIDKUNZ, LinnettLibrary AssociateNursing
SCHNELL, R. CraigEmeritus Pharmaceutical Sciences
SCOTT, DavidProfessor EmeritusPharmacy Practice
SIMON, ChrisInformation Systems SpecialistDean's Office
SINGH, JagdishChair and ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
SKAFF, AngelaFinance and Research ManagerPublic Health
SKOY, ElizabethAssociate ProfessorPharmacy Practice
SLEVIN, AmberAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
SPEIDEL, DarcyPharmacy TechnicianFamily Health Care
STEEN, DebraPharmacy CSRFamily Health Care
STEFFEN, KristineProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
STEIG, Jayme
Assistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
STRAND, MarkProfessorPharmacy Practice
STROM, TrishAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
SUN, ChengwenAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
SWANSON, KathleenAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
THOMPSON, SaraAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
THOMPSON, ShilaAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
TIBBITTS, VanessaAIPHRC Program LeaderAI PH Resource Center
TRAUTMANN, JeanAcademic AssistantPharmacy Practice
TURRUBIATES, NancyLecturer/PH Clinical CoordinatorNursing
UNDEM, TeriDirector, Advanced Pharmacy Practice ExperiencePharmacy Practice
UNTERSEHER, LindseyAssistant Professor of PracticeNursing
VARRIANO, JoCustomer Service/RX Asst CoordinatorFamily Health Care
VENKATACHALEM, SathishAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
VETTER, StefanResearch Assistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Sciences
VIETS, JoniAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
VIEWEG, EmilyProgram AssistantPublic Health
WALD, NicoleStaff PharmacistFamily Health Care
WALSWICK, AngieAcademic Advisor/LecturerAllied Sciences
WERREMEYER, AmyChair/ProfessorPharmacy Practice
WESTON, KristiSpecial Events CoordinatorDean's Office
WILHELM, RossAssistant Professor of PracticePharmacy Practice
WOLF, KarlieLecturerNursing
WOLF NELSON, SusanPharmacy DirectorFamily Health Care

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