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Mike Krush, associate professor of marketing

Published August 2016

Krush brings insight to the classroom by blending his professional career experiences with his research. Krush’s students are inspired by his energy and enthusiasm as he helps them realize their potential.

What do you teach?
At the undergraduate level, I teach sales and personal selling and advanced professional selling.  At the graduate level, I teach strategic marketing management.

How did you decide to pursue your profession?
I was 12 or 13 years old when I wrote my first radio advertisement for my mother’s retail store. A few customers mentioned hearing it and I was instantly enamored with the whole process. Later, I watched the movie “Nothing in Common,” starring Tom Hanks as an advertising executive. That movie further reinforced my decision that I was going into an area of marketing. I loved the idea of selling marketing ideas, such as campaigns.

What do you like best about teaching?
It’s really rewarding to be a part of the transformation some students undergo when they “get it.” It’s fantastic when a student feels empowered by the knowledge they learn in class. They have a new lifelong tool that they can apply in their life, career or profession.

How would you describe your teaching style?
I’m pretty passionate about my discipline, so there’s usually some energy in the classroom. I believe in ensuring student preparation occurs prior to class so that we’re collectively ready to learn and engage. I like to provide an opportunity for application, so we understand how each topic is applied in the marketplace. I also set high expectations because I’m always amazed by what students can learn and accomplish if they are challenged to do so.

What is the most common trait or traits of successful students?
Some students have a fantastic motor, a strong sense of initiative and persistence.  Some exhibit academic bravery, a willingness to become comfortable in new situations. Some students possess an “always learning” orientation, acknowledging that college is not just about the grades, but instead it’s the process of learning that’s most important.

What is your favorite film or book featuring a teacher?
I watched “Mona Lisa Smile,” about a week before I stepped into my first undergraduate teaching assignment. There is one scene where Julia Robert’s character begins her first lecture, and the students are so prepared, they answer all of the questions.  All of the students have already read the book assigned for the semester and it’s only day one. I literally started sweating bullets about my first day in a new profession.

What is something every student should experience before they graduate from NDSU?
I’d suggest an internship, extra-curricular activities and a study abroad experience. These are great ways to grow personally, build a network of friends, experience unique perspectives and positively distinguish oneself with employers.

What has been the best moment of your teaching career so far?
I’ve been fortunate to receive emails or cards from graduates. I’m delighted when students relay the success they are having in their career due to their experiences at NDSU. I’m happy that NDSU provided them with a launching pad that enables a successful lift-off for them personally and professionally. That’s the good stuff of life.  It’s nice to have a job where you a part of broader community that collectively enables those types of opportunities.

Krush joined the NDSU faculty in 2009. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of South Dakota, Masters of Business Administration from the University of Iowa’s Tippie School of Management and doctorate from University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  Krush also serves as director of NDSU’s Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology, recognized by the Sales Education Foundation as one of the top universities of sales education.

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