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NDSU researchers showcase accomplishments at international meeting

Student and faculty members of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering research group led by Kalpana and Dinesh Katti presented an invited talk, three oral presentations and a poster at the international fall meeting and exhibit of the Materials Research Society Dec. 1-6 in Boston.

Graduate student Scott Payne, along with co-authors Avinash Ambre, Dinesh Katti and Kalpana Katti, received a Best Poster nomination for his work “Molecular Interactions in Nanocomposites for Bone Tissue Engineering: An Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Study” in Poster Session I, “Advances in Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials.” Ten posters were nominated out of a total of 600 from 22 sessions, with four awarded a Best Poster Prize.

Dinesh Katti, professor and interim chair of civil and environmental engineering, was an invited speaker for the symposium “Advances in Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials.” His presentation, “Bone Mechanics Insilico,” was co-written by Kalpana Katti, University Distinguished Professor of civil engineering.

In the symposium “Micro- and Nanoscale Processing of Materials for Biomedical Devices,” Kalpana Katti, presented “In Silico Design of Biomineralized Hydroxyapatite for Biomedical Applications.” The presentation was co-written by Anurag Sharma and Dinesh Katti.

Doctoral graduate research assistant Avinash Ambre’s research “Nanoclays with Biomineralized Hydroxyapatite for Design of Biodegradable Polymeric Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration” was presented in the “Advanced Composites and Structures for Tissue Engineering” symposium. It was co-written by Dinesh Katti and Kalpana Katti.

Kalpana Katti spoke on “Microstructure, Spectroscopic Studies and Nanomechanical Properties of Human Cortical Bone with Osteogenesis Imperfecta” in the “Advances in Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials” symposium. Co-authors are Chunju Gu and Dinesh Katti. Payne and Ambre also represented NDSU’s student chapter at the International Materials Research Society’s student chapter luncheon.

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