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‘Green Aesthetic’ exhibit examines relationships with nature

‘Green Aesthetic’ exhibit examines relationships with nature  


Western society’s evolving relationship with nature is explored in a new exhibit at the Renaissance Hall gallery located downtown at 650 NP Ave. David Crutchfield, assistant professor of architecture, addresses that topic with “The Green Aesthetic,” which is free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., until July 31.


The exhibit examines the changing historic relationship between western culture and nature as reflected in a variety of cultural expressions. From Ansel Adams to William Shakespeare to Le Corbusier, Crutchfield highlights the words of 24 eminent individuals from literature, fine art and architecture to demonstrate various ways of relating to nature. He also shares student-generated proposals regarding green living, design and architecture by projecting their words onto a canvas suspended from the ceiling.


“In general, people see nature as something that is to be used. It is a utilitarian relationship as opposed to something that is to be respected on its own,” Crutchfield said. “We are increasingly seeing evidence that this current relationship with nature is unsustainable and my hope is that by seeing a different way of relating to nature, we can learn a better way.”


Crutchfield hopes his exhibit inspires people to assess themselves and their behaviors. “I would like them to reflect on their own place in nature and consider how society has framed that for them, and if that is the way they want to continue.”


Shotwell Floral Co. provided greenery for the display, while graduate architecture student Benjamin Davis assisted Crutchfield with its installation.


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