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Masters of Science Program

"Because the NDSU NRM Department is inherently interdisciplinary and focuses on students in a way that is unique to NDSU, it is where I had an opportunity to grow into the person that I wanted to be. "  Jade Monroe, M.S., Aquatic Land Manager, Washington State Department of Natural Resources. 

NRM MS graduates are prepared to compete for and be productive in jobs where issues reach beyond a single discipline or subject area.  They have the skills necessary to address problems from holistic-ecological and global-social perspectives.  The NRM interdisciplinary approach prepares students for the current and impending natural environmental challenges of the 21st century. 

The Master of Science (MS) program in Natural Resources Management (NRM) at North Dakota State University was initiated in 1974. Through the program, students gain breadth in relevant planning, analysis, communication, and management areas while developing depth in one of several disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach makes NRM unique among master's degree programs.  While traditional structuring of curricula is highly specialized and focuses on disciplinary compartmentalization, the NRM MS degree garners a broad, systems-based perspective. 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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For more information on Natural Resources Management
at North Dakota State University, contact:
Shawn DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader - Natural Resources Management Interdiscliplinary Program
307A Morrill Hall
Shawn DeKeyser

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