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Edward (Shawn) DeKeyser, Ph.D.
Program Leader
Natural Resources Management
Morrill Hall - Room 205B
Shawn DeKeyser

Research interests:
Wetland Ecology
Wetland Assessment and Monitoring
Invasive Species Ecology and Management
Native Prairie and Wetland Restoration

Ph.D., Animal and Range Sciences - North Dakota State University, 2000 
M.S., Animal and Range Sciences - North Dakota State University, 1995 
B.S., Biology – Jamestown College, 1991

Courses taught:
NRM 402/602, River and Stream Resource Management
RNG/NRM/SOIL 454/654, Wetland Resources Management
NRM 701, Terrestrial Resources Management
RNG 717, Aquatic Vascular Plants

Selected Publications:

Kobiela, B., J. Quast, C. Dixon, and E.S. DeKeyser. (In Press).  Adapting management to target invasive species and improve floristic quality on native prairie remnants in the Northern Great Plains.  Natural Areas Journal.

Cohen, M.J., I.F. Creed, L. Alexander, N. Basu, A. Calhoun, C. Craft, E. D’Amico, E. DeKeyser, S. Faulkner, L. Fowler, H.E. Golden, J.W. Jawitz, P. Kalla, L.K. Kirkman, C.R. Lane, M. Lang, S.G. Leibowitz, D.B. Lewis, J. Marton, D.L. McLaughlin, D. Mushet, H. Raanan-Kiperwas, M.C. Rains, L. Smith, and S. Walls.  2016.  Do geographically isolated wetlands influence landscape functions?  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  113:1978-1986.

Dennhardt, L.A., E.S. DeKeyser, S.A. Tennefos, and S.E. Travers.  2016.  There is no evidence of geographical patterning among invasive Poa pratensis L. populations in the northern Great Plains.  Weed Science.

Creuzer, J., C.L.M. Hargiss, J.E. Norland, T. DeSutter, F.X. Casey, E.S. DeKeyser, and M. Ell.  2016.  Does increased road dust due to energy development impact wetlands in the Bakken?  Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. 227:39 1-14.

Yellick, A.H., D.L. Jacob, E.S. DeKeyser, C.L.M. Hargiss, L.M. Meyers, M. Ell, L.T. Kissoon, and M.L. Otte.  2016.  Multi-element composition of soils of seasonal wetlands across North Dakota, USA.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.  188:1-14.

Meyers, L.M., A.M. Nahlik, and E.S. DeKeyser.  2016.  Relationship between the natural abundance of soil nitrogen isotopes and condition in North Dakota wetlands.  Ecological Indicators.  60:394-401.

Smith, C., E.S. DeKeyser, C. Dixon, B. Kobiela, and A. Little.  2016.  Effects of sediment removal on vegetation communities in Prairie Pothole wetlands in North Dakota.  Natural Areas Journal.

Renton, D.A., D.M. Mushet, and E.S. DeKeyser

.  2015.  Climate change and Prairie Pothole wetlands-Mitigating water-level and hydroperiod effects through upland management: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2015-5004, 21 p.,

Fasching, S., J. Norland, T. DeSutter,

S. DeKeyser, F. Casey, and C. Hargiss.  2015. The use of sediment removal to reduce phosphorus levels in wetland soils.  Ecological Restoration.  33:131-134.

DeKeyser, E.S., L. A. Dennhardt, and J. Hendrickson.  2015.  Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) invasion in the Northern Great Plains:  A story of rapid dominance in an endangered ecosystem. Invasive Plant Science and Management 8:255-261.

Mushet, D.M., A.J.K. Calhoun, E.S. DeKeyser, L. Fowler, L.K. Kirkman, M.W. Lang, L.L. Smith, and S.C. Walls.  2015.  Geographically isolated wetlands: Rethinking a misnomer.  Wetlands.  35:423-431.

Hargiss, C.L.M, and E.S. DeKeyser.  2014.  The challenges of conducting environmental research on privately owned land.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.  186:979-985.  (Advised Hargiss as a PhD student on this project).

Meyers L., E. DeKeyser, and J. Norland.  2014.  Differences in spatial autocorrelation (Sac), plant species richness and diversity, and plant community composition in grazed and ungrazed grasslands along a moisture gradient, North Dakota, U.S.A.   Applied Vegetation Science 17:53-62.

DeKeyser, E.S., M. Meehan, G. Clambey, K. Krabbenhoft.  2013.  Cool season invasive grasses in Northern Great Plains natural areas.  Natural Areas Journal 33:81-90.

Meehan, M.A., E.S. DeKeyser, K.K. Sedivec, and J.E. Norland.  2012.  Nutritional composition of Sprengel’s sedge (Carex sprengelii).  Canadian Journal of Plant Science 92:867-871.

DeKeyser, S., M. Meehan, K. Sedivec, and C. Lura.  2010.  Potential management alternatives for invaded rangelands in the Northern Great Plains.  Rangelands 32(5):26-31.

Paradeis, B.L., E.S. DeKeyser, D.R. Kirby.  2010.  Evaluation of restored and native prairie pothole region plant communities following an environmental gradient.  Natural Areas Journal 30:294-304.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser.  2010.  Cattle grazing reduces survival and reproduction of the western prairie fringed orchid.  The Prairie Naturalist  42:46-49.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser.  2010.  In situ development of western prairie fringed orchid seeds, protocorms, and seedlings in grazed and non-grazed prairie.  The Prairie Naturalist 42:50-54.

Alexander, B.W., D. Kirby, M. Biondini, and E. DeKeyser.  2010.  Seed production and maturation of the western prairie fringed orchid.  The Prairie Naturalist 42:55-60.

DeKeyser, E.S., M. Biondini, D. Kirby, and C.L.M. Hargiss.  2009.  Low prairie communities of wetlands as a function of disturbance:  Physical parameters.  Ecological Indicators 9:  296-306.

DeKeyser, S., G. Clambey, K. Krabbenhoft, and J. Ostendorf.  2009.  Are changes in species composition on central North Dakota rangelands due to non-use management?  Rangelands 31:16-19.

Current Graduate Students

Kristine Altrichter, MS – The condition of wetlands in North Dakota and a description of fen vegetation, soils, and hydrology in central North Dakota.

Matt Danzl, MS – Possible landscape patterns of sharp tailed grouse habitat use in western North Dakota and South Dakota.

Lisa Preister, PhD – Smooth brome (Bromus inermis) phenology in relation to climate and other factors.

David Renton,  MS - Upland vegetation management strategies for the migration of climate change on Prairie Pothole wetlands.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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For more information on Natural Resources Management
at North Dakota State University, contact:
Shawn DeKeyser, Ph.D.
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Shawn DeKeyser

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