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International Sponsors and Billing

International Sponsors

Some International students (e.g. F and J visa status) may have a sponsor organization in their home country or elsewhere that has agreed to pay all or part of their expenses at NDSU. In these instances, NDSU will bill the sponsor on behalf of the student and can send an invoice to the sponsor. However, to do so, NDSU must receive written authorization in advance of the start of the semester and, to maintain this arrangement, the sponsor must make payment in a timely manner.

Written Authorization Requirements - Financial Guarantee

All international sponsors will be required to provide written proof of their intent to financially sponsor the student. This authorization must contain all of the elements listed below.

  • North Dakota State University must be named as the school of attendance.
  • Student’s full name and date of birth.
  • An explanation of the charges that will and will not be paid by the scholarship. Examples of common NDSU charges are below. Please note that all sponsors are charged a mandatory sponsorship fee.
    • Tuition
    • Student fees
    • Immigration fee //International Student Support Services fee
    • Orientation fee
    • Student identification card
    • New student fee
    • Dormitory/housing
    • Meal plan
    • Books
    • International health insurance
      • Note: NDSU typically does not bill sponsors for library fines, student health services or dormitory damages. If you want NDSU to bill for these charges or other charges not stated here, this must be reflected in the written authorization.
    • Semester(s) and/or dates of eligibility.
    • Sponsor’s contact information including name, mailing address, phone number and email address.
    • Billing contact name and email address (person to whom the invoice should be emailed)

Billing Process

  • The invoice for payment will be sent to the sponsor approximately two weeks after the start of the semester.
  • Invoices are sent via email.
  • Payment must be made in timely manner: Payment in full is due six weeks after issuance of invoice.
  • Funds may be transferred to NDSU using our international payment service, NDSU does not release banking information (e.g. account number, routing number).
  • Failure to make payment in a timely manner will result in the student not being allowed to enroll in subsequent semesters. Please note that for students in F or J visa status, immigration status issues may arise if a student is not registered for classes at the start of the semester.
  • Diplomas and transcripts can be delayed due to unpaid account balances as well.

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