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Aid Available Within this Program

The structure of the program is student centered and designed for success. Education will be in cohorts, people going through the same classes and connected with you. Mentors, student and professional, will be provided to guide you through the process. Summer internships / co-ops. will be established within local communities. Financial aid and stipends are available to help with financial needs. Curriculum will be designed to allow a more personalised approach to the speed of the classes.



Community Colleges

A person who may not want to make the transition from high school to a mainstream university will have the opportunity to go to one of the community colleges in this area. This will prepare a person for the transition to a mainstream universit such as the North akota State University (NDSU). After a student has finished their preliminary degree at one of the community colleges. They will be able to transfer to NDSU to complete their Bachelor's degree in the engineering major of their choice. Students will have the opportunity to meet with a number of professors at NDSU before they ever transferand many of their mentors will continue suporting them. A.Candeska Cikana Community College B. Turtle Mountain Community College C. Sitting Bull Community College D. Fort Berthold Community College E. North Dakota State University

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Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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