The LON-CAPA course management system

The Physics Department makes use of the the web-based LON-CAPA course management system. The following courses make use of the LON-CAPA system:

Physics 120Fundamentals of Physics
Physics 120LFundamentals of Physics Laboratory
Physics 211College Physics I
Physics 211LCollege Physics I Laboratory
Physics 212College Physics II
Physics 212LCollege Physics II Laboratory
Physics 251University Physics I
Physics 251LUniversity Physics I Laboratory
Physics 252University Physics II
Physics 252LUniversity Physics II Laboratory

If you wish to log into LON-CAPA, see the list of servers below, and log into the appropriate server for your course. If you wish to learn more about the LON-CAPA course management system in general, see

To read about entering answers in LON-CAPA, please browse this document about Mathematical Expressions in LON-CAPA.

LON-CAPA Servers

If you are enrolled in:

Physics 120 or 120L, log into
Physics 211 or 211L, log into
Physics 212 or 212L, log intoPROTEUS
Physics 251 or 251L, log intoTRITON
Physics 252 or 252L, log intoPROTEUS





If you are new to LON-CAPA or having problems logging in, please see the LON-CAPA Instructions.

Log In Instructions



In order to log in the first time, please point your browser to the LON-CAPA index page to find out which server you log into. Then, use the "Forgot password?" dialog, entering the proper information into the blank fields: Your NDSU e-mail id (without the portion) and your NDSU e-mail address (with the portion); do not use  The log-in name and e-mail address are case sensitive, and must be lower case.

The "Forgot Password" e-mail 'expires' after two hours. An expired link will not allow you to reset your password!

If you have any trouble logging on to LON-CAPA, contact the Physics System Administrator. Please include your Student ID and lecture/lab information if you feel you need to be added to the respective sections.

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