President’s Message

Dear students, future students, alumni, citizens and colleagues,

I want to thank you all for your deep passion for NDSU and the kind welcome you have offered to me and my wife, Katie, as we begin our time in North Dakota. Our initial visit to the state suggested that this is a dynamic and exciting place to live and work, and everything we have learned since has reinforced that positive impression.

NDSU has a strong tradition of forward-thinking and meaningful contributions to the quality of life in the state, and you have achieved an impressive record of success in many key areas of campus. All of the progress has clearly come because the community of alumni and friends, as well as students, faculty and staff come together in common purpose and tenacious commitment. We will need to build on that powerful sense of community to face the next set of challenges facing not just NDSU but all of higher education in the United States.

NDSU also has a clear and important three-part mission to educate the next generation of leaders, serve the community and region, and contribute solutions to the needs of society. I am deeply committed to leading this organization to additional levels of student access and success, as well as furthering the economic driver that NDSU can continue to be.

My plans for the summer are to meet and listen to as many people as possible, including traveling across the state to Field Days in July, as well as attending alumni events around North Dakota. We also are scheduling time to meet with each department on campus as soon as possible. In the mean time, please feel free to use the Share Your Ideas link on this website. I appreciate your interest in and ideas about the work we do at NDSU.



Dave Cook

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