Data Exploration

This work group will contribute to health promoting knowledge through data collection, identify well-being measures to inform work group action and progress, and disseminate information to the campus community.


American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment III (ACHA-NCHA III)

The ACHA-NCHA III is a nationally recognized survey that assists in collecting precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. It captures a wide variety of key health and wellness related topics including: substance use, sexual health, nutrition, exercise, mental health, personal safety, and preventive health practices. NDSU participated for the first time in the Spring of 2021 and will continue implementing on a cyclical basis. 

2021 Institutional Data Report
2021 Executive Data Summary
2021 Snapshot of Student Well-Being

Work Group Members

Marc Bauer Associate Professor / Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
Emily Berg Director / Institutional Research & Analysis
Mary Larson Associate Professor / Public Health
Laura Oster-Aaland Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
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