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Border column is not used in NDSU 2018 template. Using the FOR MIGRATION - Left Navigation template layout, contents in the Border column will visibly display after the NORMAL column's contents. Contents in the Border column do not display in the other NDSU 2018 template layouts. You can position the contents visually to the right of the "main" contents using a grid container (new window).

Left/navigation column elements, if any, will not appear in the page at all. The left column was an uncommonly-used method to "override" page navigation.

Right column contents did not render in the page in the old template; however, they are listed here in case you have anything in that position nonetheless.

This "report" is a reflection of the Live pages under www.ndsu.edu/prehealth_programs. Workspace versions are not considered by this report. This means if you have deleted or hidden a content element from the Border column but have not published that change, this report will indicate the page has a content element in the Border column. Likewise, if you have drafted a new content element or unhidden a previously-published as hidden element in the Border column, it will not be reflected in this report.

The following list shows published, not-hidden, pages below www.ndsu.edu/prehealth_programs. Because this list was generated outside of TYPO3, there may be some omitted pages, so you should verify with the TYPO3 backend Pagetree (the authoritative source) that you don't miss any pages in your review.

NNNN is the page ID. Clicking the page ID link will display the workspace version of the page (if you are logged in to CMS in the workspace where www.ndsu.edu/prehealth_programs is managed). If the page ID is not a link, it's because the page type is either a shortcut or external page link so it doesn't contain any content.

Pagetitle is a link to the live version of the page. If the page title is not linked, it either is a) not available under www.ndsu.edu (i.e., a disabled page) or the page isn't yet assigned a URL slug (edit the page and regnerate the URL segment if it should have a URL).

When you're ready to "go live" with the 2018 template, you should email your request to the help desk.

Subject: NDSU 2018 Template go-live
Body: www.ndsu.edu/prehealth_programs is ready to go live with the NDSU 2018 template. Please publish (just the template OR the entire prehealth_programs_draft workspace) for us (as soon as able OR on DATE (morning OR afternoon)).

49692 - Pre-Health Advising
  1. 174619 - Template migration information - * shortcut
  2. 50624 - Academic Advising
  3. 49695 - Being Pre-Health @ NDSU
    1. 79736 - Pre-Chiropractic
    2. 79738 - Pre-Dentistry
    3. 79734 - Pre-Medicine
    4. 49736 - Pre-Medical Laboratory Science - * external link
    5. 79754 - Pre-Mortuary Science
    6. 79762 - Pre-Naturopathic Medicine
    7. 50632 - Pre-Nursing - * external link
      1. 50637 - Recommended NDSU courses
      2. 50639 - Transfer Student
      3. 50641 - Advanced Placement (AP)
    8. 79756 - Pre-Optometry
    9. 49734 - Pre-Pharmacy - * external link
    10. 79787 - Pre-Physical Therapy
    11. 79758 - Pre-Physician Assistant
    12. 79797 - Pre-Occupational Therapy
    13. 49738 - Pre-Radiologic Science - * external link
    14. 49742 - Pre-Respiratory Care - * external link
    15. 49740 - Pre-Veterinary Medicine - * external link
  4. 49704 - News * 1 border content(s)
    1. 50675 - Advisors
    2. 50677 - Student Resources
      1. 114314 - NDSU Darwin Day