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Residence Life is more than a first-year experience. Our upper division living offers a variety of housing options for your first year, through your college career. 

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Living on Campus

Live Closer: The convenience of living on campus can’t be beat, it simply makes life easier. 

Live Connected: Friends, on-campus activities, campus resources, on-campus dining—living on campus keeps you connected to the things you care about.

Live Smarter: Students who live on campus have better grades than those who live off campus, and are more likely to graduate in four years. 

Live Secure: Residence Halls and on-campus apartments have 24-hour keycard secure entrances, entrance security cameras, and 24/7 coverage by NDSU Police, professional housing staff and resident assistants. 

Live Supported: Live next door to your friends, and surround yourself with professional support systems like campus staff, faculty and Student Success Programs.  

Live Nourished: A variety of culinary options within walking distance means you don’t have to worry about finding something healthy and delicious.

Live Better: You will have more opportunities to get involved and grow your decision making, communication, cultural competence and problem solving skills. You’ll have resume-building experiences and be more prepared for life after graduation. 

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