Values Statement

As agents for social change and equality, NDSU Residence Life values a climate where every individual is encouraged and supported.  We value the discovery and expression of each person's identity in order to develop environments that recognize and appreciate the diverse characteristics that make every individual unique; and we value relationships with all people with whom we have the opportunity to engage.

The NDSU Department of Residence Life is committed to: 

  • Sustaining a diverse living environment where all participants are welcome and feel safe
  • Seeking understanding of all people in contact with the department
  • Creating a community of respect for all to interact and learn from one another
  • Allowing each individual the opportunity to discover and express their identity
  • Providing diversity and respect training for student and professional staff
  • Fostering opportunities to learn from one another and grow through shared experiences



In an effort to create a vibrant and healthy place to live and learn, Residence Life is committed to creating an inclusive community for all residents in our residence halls and apartments. As part of this commitment, we are dedicated to providing the following:

  • Sense of Belonging
  • Affirmed and Valued
  • Freedom to Be
  • Education and Growth

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