In an effort to create a vibrant and healthy place to live and learn, the NDSU Department of Residence Life is committed to creating an inclusive community for all residents in our residence halls and apartments. As a department within a land grant institution we recognize and acknowledge the historical experience of marginalized students in the nation and educational systems and are actively working to dismantle those inequities to create a better future. As global citizens we have the responsibility to take action towards positively impacting self, others, and the world. It is our belief that this active change starts within ourselves, in our campus communities, and in our department.

We are committed to the following:

Sense of Belonging
All students deserve to feel belonging while living on campus and that no matter who you are, you are an important member of our community. 

Be Affirmed and Valued
All students need to be affirmed in who they are. It is our responsibility to show students they are a valued member of our community. We celebrate all human differences in identity and life experience while advocating for the inclusion of all identities. This includes Students of Color, Indigenous Students, Students of Different Ability levels, Gender, Sexual, and/or Romantic Minorities and all historically marginalized groups.* 

Freedom to Be
All students deserve a place where they can be authentically themselves. Our residence halls and apartments serve as a space for students to openly be who they are and express themselves without fear of judgement or bias. This freedom to be relies on our community holding itself accountable as an accepting and empowering space.

Education and Growth
Progress toward inclusive communities and social equity is an ongoing process that does not have a clear end point. We are dedicated to ongoing education and learning to proactively understand, serve, and support our student populations. Through engaging in community dialogue and challenging our own ideas and policies, we are eager to making positive change. 

*= This list was included to eliminate overgeneralizing across diverse groups.

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