Orientation Materials

Residence Life is excited to meet our newest Bison and their families during the 2022 Summer Orientations! The below materials are provided in-person at our sessions and resource fair, but feel free to view them online, too! 

Preparing to Move-In

Everything you need to know before you move in can be found on our Preparing to Move In webpages, including the Move-in Day Schedule, FAQs, Driving Directions, Bed/Loft/Linen Info, Packing Guidelines, and Care Packages!


If you don't find what you are looking for in our frequently asked questions, give us a call at (701) 231-7557 or email ndsu.residence.life@ndsu.edu. 

Bed Lofting Information:

Every hall has their own unique lofting system. Get detailed information, along with pictures, of your hall's bed and loft system here.

  • Cater, Churchill, Dinan, Johnson, MLLC West, Pavek, Reed, Seim, Stockbridge, and Weible:
    • These halls have loftable bed frames, that adjust to multiple heights. 
  • Burgum, Sevrinson and Thompson: 
    • Beginning June 1, lofts are available for rent through College Loft Services (CSI). These are the only outside lofts allowed in NDSU residence halls. Lofts ordered by 6pm on August 12 will be assembled in your room by CSI prior to your arrival on campus! CSI lofts raise your bed frame 60 inches off the floor, and if you want a bunk bed style set up, the second bed can be slid underneath. 

Linens and More:

OCM specializes in making your residence hall room your home. From bed sets designed for twin-XL* mattresses to wall decor that is hall-approved, you can get everything you need and want at ocm.com/nds. Don’t forget, all proceeds go to NDSU Residence Hall Association and help fund events and scholarships in your hall! 

*All residence halls have twin extra-long mattresses (80” in length), except for Weible and Burgum which have regular-size twin mattresses. Residence Life recommends all residents bring twin extra-long sheets regardless of residence hall. This size sheet will fit any mattress on campus, making a potential to move to a different hall easier. 

Care Packages:

OCM also provides the opportunity for parents or loved ones to purchase Care Packages for their students. OCM offers a package for every milestone like final exams, holidays and those times where your students needs some extra motivation. Remember, all proceeds go to NDSU Residence Hall Association and help fund events and scholarships in your hall.

Stay Connected:

Social Media:
Residence Life communicates on an ongoing basis with our students and their families through social media. Follow @ndsureslife on Facebook and Instagram for the most up-to-date information. Each hall also has their own Facebook page.

Starting May 25, Residence Life and Dining began sedning weekly Wednesday emails; make sure we don't get lost in your junk email folder!

Residence Hall Tours and Info Cards:

Take a 360 degree tour of your residence hall to see the most important spaces, including the hall office, lounges, laundry room, bathroom, and showroom! Want a quick reference to some of the most important things to know about your hall? The Hall Info Cards provide your mailing address, room dimensions, information on Hall Gov, and more.

Burgum: 360 Tour | Info CardCater: 360 Tour | Info Card
Churchill: 360 Tour | Info CardDinan: 360 Tour | Info Card
MLLC East: 360 Tour | Info CardMLLC West: 360 Tour | Info Card
Niskanen Middle: 360 Tour | Info Card     Niskanen North/South: 360 Tour | Info Card
Pavek: 360 Tour | Info CardStockbridge: 360 Tour | Info Card
Reed/Johnson: 360 Tour | Info CardSeim: 360 Tour | Info Card
Sevrinson: 360 Tour | Info CardThompson: 360 Tour | Info Card
Weible: 360 Tour | Info Card

NDSU Dining:

 One of the best parts of living on campus is the DELICIOUS FOOD! Here are your need-to-knows for Dining:

  1. If you have food allergies or dietary sensitivities, please complete the dietary needs online form. Our registered dietitian will reach out with information about resources available on campus and to answer any questions you have. 
  2. Which meal plan did I choose? Log into your housing portal to view your current meal plan selection. After June 14, 2022, changes to meal plans can be made via GET. If you want to make changes prior to June 15, please call Residence Life at 701.231.7557.
  3. Stay connected to updates, information and ongoing giveaways by following @ndsudining on Facebook and Instagram
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