NDSU Counseling Center

The NDSU Counseling Center is a confidential setting for students to express their personal or academic concerns by serving as consultants. Counseling offers many resources and services to students for students and their concerns that may be preventing them from functioning at their highest potential.

Personal Counseling (Accessing Services)

  • Counselors have a unique view on your daily lives because they are not involved in them. They are here to act as a listener to help clarify issues, tune you in with your passions and feelings, and then deal with problems effectively.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

  • NDSU offers resources to assist in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling. There are a variety of services offered. Under this resource is a list of other sources of help in the Fargo/Moorhead Area.

Groups, Classes, and Workshops

  • Through the NDSU Counseling Center is a variety of groups, workshops, and classes offered at various days and times each semester.
    • Anxiety toolbox
    • Getting Unstuck
    • Understanding Self and Others
    • Mental Health First Aid

External Resources

  • Although the NDSU counseling Center offers a variety of resources to aid in services toward mental health, there are numerous other resources in the Fargo/Moorhead Community that are offered as well. Within this page is a list of links that will direct you to resources online or in the community.

Crisis Intervention

  • If you are a student in need of a crisis intervention, you will be seen as soon as possible, when the counseling center is open. If the crisis is urgent, a call before you stop in is encouraged to determine the counselor that will see you. When calling, make sure you clarify that you would like to be seen right away because of an emergent need. Other instructions on how to get help after counseling center hours is listed

Referral Guide (Faculty and Staff)

  • The Counseling Center at NDSU has this resource to help eliminate steps in the process of referring students to get the help they need. This resource is a great guideline for a quick start to access information that is needed.

Anxiety Information

Online Anxiety Screening

  • This is a free anonymous Online Anxiety Screening offered at the ULifeline website. If you are an NDSU student and concerned that you may have signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder, this is a great free resource to seek answers. When the screening is complete, you may be directed to further assistance based on the results.

Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Meditation and Mindfulness are a way of being by bringing awareness to the present experience. This is more than a set of techniques to be learned, but rather an approach to life that can help you respond to challenging experiences in a more accepting way.

Managing Test Anxiety

  • Do tests stress you out? Do you find yourself not being able to concentrate or focus on your exams when taking them because you are worried about failing? Here are some helpful hints to help get over the tension of taking tests.

Depression Information

Stress and Depression Assessment

  • The Stress and Depression Assessment is a brief, anonymous and confidential questionnaire. After completing the assessment, you will be directed to further help, if you so choose so. This assessment is completely voluntary.

Eating Disorder Information

College brings on stress which can lead to poor diet habits, obsessive exercising or eating out of control. Maintaining a healthy weight and positive body image can be challenging, especially with academic stressors and other expectations.

Body Image Information

  • Body image is our perception, negative or positive, about our bodies. It is always changing and sensitive to our circumstances. Negative body image is often correlated with the development of disordered eating.

Eating Disorder Screening

  • This short online screening is a resource to help determine if it would be appropriate to seek outside professional help for your dietary habits.

Eating Disorder Report Form

  • If there is someone in your life who you might be concerned about or believe to have an eating disorder and needs help, this form is a good way to express your concern. After submitting the form, you might be contacted and directed with how to better help the person you are concerned about.

Student Health Service

Student Health Services, located in the Wallman Wellness Center, offers Psychiatric services for students and staff. Referrals are often made from the Counseling Center or Student Health staff. An evaluation, medication consultation and follow-up visits are done to help the patient.

LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance

The goal of LGBT Affirmative Mental Health Alliance is to connect clients with LGBT affirmative therapists. They assist in directing clients with therapists and services that have signed a pledge to be affirmative.

After-Hours and Emergency Care

After-Hours and Emergency Care is an extensive list of alternative sources outside of NDSU in the Fargo/Moorhead area that would assist in emergency/after hours care.

Disability Services

Disability Services collaborates with the NDSU community to ensure that every student obtains the help they need to make every academic opportunity equal. They are here to help all students promote self-advocacy and cultivate inclusion for students with disabilities.

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