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These are great templates provided by Registration and Records to look at what courses to complete on your journey towards a college degree.



Graduation Preparation & Resources

Whether or not you are graduating in the upcoming school year, we encourage you to reach out to your faculty advisor to discuss your graduation trajectory. They are here to help you with graduation planning.

For more information on graduation, you can visit Registration & Records’ Graduation page: https://www.ndsu.edu/registrar/graduation/. You can also find a checklist for graduation at this link: https://www.ndsu.edu/registrar/graduation/graduationchecklist/

Major Courses Checklist/ Planning Tool

These are forms that help you keep track of your progress in completing degree requirements. It also mentions the typical semester (Fall/Spring/ Summer) that the courses are offered in. 

Anthropology Major

Core Requirements  (Grade of “C” or better required)

SOC 110

Introduction to Sociology                  Fall/ Spring

ANTH 111

Introduction to Anthropology          Fall/ Spring

ANTH 204

Archaeology and Prehistory             Spring

ANTH 205

Human Origins                                      Fall

ANTH 206

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Peoples of the WorldFall

ANTH 470

Theory in Archaeology 

or ANTH 480

Development of Anthropological TheorySpring

ANTH 471

Archaeological Research Methods 

or ANTH 481

Ethnographic Research Methods


ANTH 489

Senior Capstone In Anthropology Fall
Major Electives300-400 Level 15 credits (5 classes)15
ANTH 332        Medical AnthropologySpring
ANTH 438        Historical Archaeology
ANTH 442        Feminist Anthropology
ANTH 445       Archaeology of Native North America
ANTH 446       Latin America & Caribbean: Afro-Latino/as, Gender, Indigeneity 
ANTH 458       Indigenous Peoples and Cultures of the Upper Midwest
ANTH 479      Community-Based and Indigenous Archaeologies
ANTH 491      Seminar
Common Seminar Topics:
GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology (Creese)
Madness and Culture (Rubinstein)
Race and Class in the Americas (Fellows)

Ethnohistorical Methods (Fellows)

Social and Cultural Effects of Technology (Rubinstein)

The Anthropology of Disability (Rubinstein)

Archaeology of Social Inequality (Creese)

Archaeology Field Experience (Creese/Fellows)

Anthropology:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gF9uQsmJ_46dIpI4z2Q9EGXn_sJO5zZeziVzbo7bHU0/edit?usp=sharing

Sociology Major

CORE COURSES (Grade of “C” or better required)

ANTH 111Introduction to Anthropology Fall/Spring
or ANTH 206Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Peoples of the World     Fall 
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology Fall/ Spring
or SOC 115

Social Problems

Fall/ Spring
   or SOC 116  Global Social ProblemsSpring
SOC 214Social InteractionFall
SOC 340

Social Research Methods 


SOC 410

Social Inequality


SOC 422

Development of Social Theory 

SOC 470

Social Data Analysis 


SOC 489

Senior Capstone in Sociology 



Select an additional 12 credits (4 classes) from the electives below:
SOC 233Sociology of Organizations and Work

SOC 235

Cultural Diversity

SOC 401

Sociology of Religon

SOC 405

Community Development

SOC 407

Deviant Behavior

SOC 412

Sociology of Gender

SOC 416

Sociology Through Literature

SOC 417

Sociology of the Family

SOC 418

Social Psychology

SOC 424

Feminist Theory and Discourse

SOC 426

Sociology of Medicine

SOC 431

Environmental Sociology

SOC 439

Social Change

SOC 440

Sociology of Aging

SOC 441

Death and Dying





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