What is Gerontology?

Gerontology is the study of aging and older adults. This discipline is concerned with the physical, mental, and social aspects and implications of aging. A minor in gerontology at North Dakota State University provides a program of study to students interested in a variety of careers that involve work with the elderly population. Students from a variety of majors such as human development and family science, sociology, psychology, nursing, interior design and education can benefit from training in gerontology. 


Careers in Gerontology

Why choose Gerontology?

Curriculum List

Here is a list of the required courses for a Gerontology Minor. A total of 19 credits are required:

  • Area 1: Social Gerontology
    • Soc 440: Sociology of Aging
  • Area 2: The Developmental Psychology of Aging (select one of the following)
    • Hdfs 360: Adult Development and Aging
    • Psych 471: The Psychology of Aging
  • Area 3: Wellness and Aging
    • Hdfs 182: Wellness and Aging
  • Area 4: Macrosystems
    • Hdfs 480: Community Resources of Later Life
  • Area 5: Internship/Practicum
    • Each student must complete the equivalent of four semester credits of internship/practicum. Please contact one of the following participating faculty members for details
  • Area 6: Electives (select one of the following courses)
    • Anth 322: Medical Anthropology
    • Hdfs 357: Personal and Family Finance 
    • Hdfs 491: Seminar (topic must be aging related)
    • H&ce 468: Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Soc 426: Sociology of Medicine
    • Soc 441: Death and Dying
    • Hdfs 482: Family Dynamics of Aging
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