Flakoll Gallery

The Flakoll Gallery in Renaissance Hall features artworks and designs by North Dakota State University Visual Arts, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.



The Flakoll Gallery exhibits art, architecture, competitions and projects reflecting the emerging ideas and distinct experiences of students at Renaissance Hall. The Gallery features solo and group exhibitions that connect the community with the issues that informs, inspire and challenge our students. The Gallery serves as a dynamic teaching and learning resource to develop meaningful interactions with space, situation, concepts and creativity.


Exhibition Proposals are Open to Faculty, Students and in the Community in May of each year. Exhibition Proposals can be submitted to james.faris@ndsu.edu.


2021 Schedule

Dennis and Mary Kay Lanz 3rd Year Competition

September 13-October 8

Sponsor: Susan Kliman


Douglas Darden Architectural Prints

October 11-22 (at Noon)


Dendy Deegan

October 25- November 5 (at Noon)

Sponsored by Lisa Eggebraaten


Flights of Fancy

November 8- 19 (at Noon)

Sponsor: Andrew Stark- Foundations Design Students


Contemporary Painting

November 22 - Dec 3 (at Noon)

Sponsor Kimble Bromley


BFA 1 Exhibition

December 3- Jan 7 (at Noon)

Sponsored: Anthony Faris

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