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TRIO Upward Bound


UB’s response to COVID-19

During this unprecedented time of rapid change this page will provide you the most up to date information about our UB procedures and services. If you have questions or concerns please contact us. We are here to help.


Application process updates

  • Interested in joining UB? See our application page for eligibility details and to find the ONLINE APPLICATION.
  • We will continue to review applications as they are returned to us throughout the school year on a first-come basis, and students will continue to be able to join the program throughout the school year as they are admitted.
  • Interviews of prospective applicants will be conducted online only. Interviews will be scheduled using Zoom.

 Device and internet access help available

  • We are committed to helping every UB participant find the resources they need to succeed – including access to the internet or finding a computer or tablet to do their school work and participate in UB.
  • If any UB participant doesn’t have a device to successfully complete homework, or internet access to do complete school work or attend UB services please contact us.

UB Services Adjustment Updates

  • See our services page for details about all UB services we provide.
  • Our top priority is for the safety of UB participants and staff.
  • We will be continuously monitoring and following guidance from state health departments, our partner schools, and NDSU.

Tutoring - In Person and online

  • We will continue to offer tutoring – including individual or group sessions.
  •  Tutoring will be offered online and in-person at your high school.  
  • In-person tutoring will take place after school until 5pm.  Please check your syllabus for your date and location.  
  • Online Tutoring will take place on zoom.  Please reach out to a tutor to set up a time. 

 Academic Resource Saturdays - online

  • We will continue to have opportunities for UB students to meet with tutor mentors for AR Saturdays – including opportunities for individual or group work.
  • AR Saturdays will be offered online only until further notice. See the online guidelines below.
  • Sessions will use Zoom.

Advising - online and in-person 

  • We will continue to offer advising – including individual or group sessions.
  • Students should reach out to Ben to set up an appointment.  
  • Advisors will use Zoom or will come to your school to meet with UB students.

 UB Saturdays – hybrid 

  • We will continue to offer monthly UB Saturdays group workshops
  • Sessions will be offered bth in person and online.  See the online guidelines below.
  •  Lunch not available for those joining us online

UB’s COVID-19 Response Guidelines

Overarching Guidance

  • NDSU TRIO Upward Bound will actively monitor NDSU, School District, North Dakota and Minnesota State Health Departments, and CDC guidelines for in-person gatherings and will make adjustments to scheduled events as required.
  • UB events and activities will follow a combination of NDSU, School District, CDC, and state guidelines.
  • Virtual alternatives will be available for students to attend who are members of groups at increased health risk.
  • All of the goals, services, guidelines and rules of Upward Bound continue to apply.
  • For Fall 2022 (and beyond), UB will be moving towards all in-person events. After school tutoring will continue to be offered in person and via zoom (with an appointment with your tutor). If you need an accomodation to join other UB events virtually, please work with your advisor. 

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