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  Marinus L. Otte

  • Professor
  • Editor-in-Chief of Wetlands, the scientific journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Co-Director and mentor of the ND INBRE II Metal Analysis Core
  • Interests: wetlands, ecology, ecotoxicology, ecophysiology, biogeochemistry
  • Contact information: marinus.otte(at); office phone: 701-231-8708, office address: Stevens Hall 121

Postdoctoral Fellows

Visiting Researchers

Emeritus Faculty

Our Alumni/ae

  Donna L. Jacob

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Co-Director of the ND INBRE II Metal Analysis Core
  • Interests: wetlands, biogeochemistry, nanoparticles, ecology
  • Contact information: donna.jacob(at), office phone: 701-231-8999, office address: Stevens Hall 701
Current Postdoctoral Researchers and Graduate Students

  La Toya Kissoon

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Projects: Nanoparticles and aquatic plants: growth and uptake, Cadmium cycling in wetlands,  Variations in lake turbidity and phytoplankton biomass: effects of Si and Mn
  • Contact information: latoya.kissoon(at)

Stephanie (Longstaff) Hummel

  • PhD student
  • Project: Shallow Lake Wetland Ecology: understanding pore water chemistry in the fringe of shallow lakes; is sediment chemistry linked to shallow lake plant community composition?
  • Contact Information:

  Carrie Werkmeister - Karki

  • Ph.D. student
  • Project: Multi-element composition of soil profiles as indicators of past and present ecosystem integrity in prairie potholes
  • Contact Information: carrie.werkmeister(at)

  Alex Stalboerger

  • Master's student
  • Project: Constructed wetlands for treatment of tile-drainage water and for production of biofuel
  • Contact information: alex.stalboerger(at)

Hannah Passolt

  • Master's student
  • Project title: Effects of engineered nanoparticles on spinach, spring and winter wheat, and rice plants
  • Contact Information: hannah.passolt(at)
Alumni graduate students

  Alex Yellick

  • Master's student
  • Project: Multi-element fingerprinting as a rapid assessment tool for wetland quality and chemical connectivity of prairie potholes across watersheds
  • Contact information: alex.yellick(at)

  Aida Asgary

  • Master's degree conferred 2013
  • Project: Multi-element analysis on riparian wetlands and river sediment in North Dakota
  • Contact information: aida.asgary(at)

   Dimuthu Wijeyaratne

  • PhD conferred: 2011
  • Project: Multi-element fingerprinting of river sediments to identify diffuse pollution sources
  • Contact Information: dimuthuw(at)

   Sharmila Sunwar

  • Ph.D degree conferred 2011
  • Project: Multi-element uptake in Triglochin maritima and other species from wetlands associated with enriched and non-enriched sites (hotsprings , temporary wetlands etc.)
  • Contact Information :moved to Morocco and is writing manuscripts
Current Undergraduate Students
Alumni undergraduate students

Melissa Tracy

  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: Nanoparticles and aquatic plants: growth and uptake
  • Contact information: melissa.tracy(at)

  Nicholas Peterson

  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: cadmium in shallow lakes
  • Contact Information: pursuing a career as a school teacher

Ryan Sullivan

  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: Investigating fringe vegetation as a control for algal growth in shallow lakes
  • Contact Information: moved on to employment with the US Forest Service


  Josh Borchardt

  • Undergraduate student with the lab 2008-2012
  • Project: TiO2 nanoparticles in aquatic plants
  • Co-author on scientific article pulished in International Journal of Phytoremedation
  • Moved on to purse Master's degree at University of North Dakota, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences - Department of Space Studies

  Aude Monthean

  • Undergraduate Student
  • Project: Multi-Element Fingerprinting of Sediments at the Little Missouri River and at the Red River of the North to Investigate the Sources of Uranium and Cadmium
  • Contact Information: returned to France to finish her BSc degree

   Justin Tabaka

  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: Dendrochronology, history, multi-element traces in the environment as recorded in tree rings, collaboration with Dr.Joe Zeleznik
  • Contact Information: moved on to pursue a Master’s of Natural Resource Management degree, NDSU


  Emily Fischbach

  • Undergraduate student
  • Project: Cadmium Contaminated Soil in North Dakota and the Effects of Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.) on Mobilization, Uptake and Immobilization
  • Contact Information: moved on to other pursuits related to horticulture

Thanks to all our undergraduate assistants

  • 2006-2009: Jordan Wein, Matthew Green, Nathan Miller, Alex Yellick
  • 2010: Joshua Borchardt,  Alex Yellick,  Brett Lyslo, Justin Tabaka, Rebecca Hillman, Brandi Roshau, Kevin Christensen,  Patrick Culhane,  Ankit  Dinghra,  Eden Friedrich, Thomas Halsey (Sitting Bull College, NATURE), Fakira Soumaila (VCSU), Felix Kyei-Asare (VCSU), Chinedu ''Uzi'' Ilogu (VCSU), Erin McLean (VCSU), Mardee Lander (VCSU) 
  • 2011: Alison Aaland (Mayville State U), Katelyn Jespersen (Mayville State U), Michelle Harvielle (Dr. Reed), Shanessa Ellis (Dr. Reed), Justin Tabaka, Brett Lyslo, Christina Swensen, Eden Friedrich, Alex Hoehle, Patrick Culhane, Kevin Christensen, Hannah Passolt, Travis Strehlow,  Joshua Borchardt, Emily Fischbach, Ryan Sullivan, Madhulika Potukuchui, Chen Tian, Selja Weum, John Schmidt, Ryan Sulivan, Jeremy McLeod (United Tribes U), Candace Kraft (VCSU Bilski)
  • 2012: Candace Kraft (VCSU), Hannah Passolt, Emily Fischbach, Ryan Sullivan, Madhulika Potukuchui, Chen Tian, Tasnia Tarannum, Fawad Dawlaty, Aude Monthean, Audry Fergel (VCSU), Ashley Farnsworth  (VCSU), Bryan Marquardt, Nicholas Peterson, Xiao Liang, Yiqing Xu, John Scmidt, Madeline Haas, Jeffrey Lorsung, Heather Otto, Kouevi Kodjovi
  • 2013: Adityee Jain, Allison Goldstein, Andrew Montgomery, Arigun Ganbat, Blake Thilmony, Deependra Bagdas, Elizabeth Leke, Hannah Passolt, Jaden Materi, Jenna Vergeldt, Jona Hanson, Jonathan Mosses, Kari Claussen, Krishna Vaid, Kunjan Gautam, Louis Shrestha, Meg Claypool, Melissa Tracy, Nhia Yang, Nicole Zimmerman, Pamoda Galhenage, Peyton Vane, Rochelle Langer, Salam Alanaci, Sanjivni Sinha, Sarah Kale, Shevonne Crusz, Thakshayni Thevathasan, Tianxin Zhu, Wen Min See, Xun Yu, Zhoajun Fu.<//span>

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