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WERG news archive

January 2019: Yuxiang Yuan became a post-doctor in WERG

September 2017: Xiaoyan Zhu became a visiting scholar as a co-advised post-doctor in WERG

March 2017: Yuxiang Yuan became a visiting scholar in WERG

October 2012: Aida Asgary presents her work at the Environmental and Conservation Science Greenbag Seminar Series; Undergrads Hannah Passolt and Aude Monthean present their research at the Annual INBRE Conference

September 2012: La Toya Kissoon presents her research at the ND EPSCoR Conference; Aida Asgary receives the 2nd Annual Yellick Award!; Jacob, Otte and Larry Cihacek receive EPA/ND DoH funding for Carrie Werkmeister's project

September 2012: Jacob, Otte, Navaratnam, Borchardt, and Bezbaruah publish an article in the International Journal of Phytoremediation. This article prominently features research done by Josh Borchardt, an undergraduate student

August 2012: La Toya Kissoon receives her Doctoral degree

Summer 2012: La Toya Kissoon, Alex Yellick, Alex Stalboerger and Aida Asgary finished their fieldwork with the help of many hands, including undergraduates Xiao Liang, Bryan Marquardt, Aude Monthean, Hannah Passolt, Nicholas Peterson, John Schimdt, and Yiqing Xu.

June 2012: undergrads Hannah Passolt and Aude Monthean present their research at the 4th Biennial National IDeA Symposium, Washington DC, and Aude received a travel award

June 2012: La Toya Kissoon, Aida Asgary, Alex Yellick, Alex Stalboerger present their work at the SWS/INTECOL International Meeting in Orlando, FL. Kissoon received the North Central Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists Student Travel Grant, and Stalboerger received INTECOL Service Volunteer Award

April 2012: Marinus Otte presents invited seminar at Tiawan Normal University, Taipei

April 2012: The graduate students host a workshop for the Expanding Your Horizons program, science for girls

April 2012: Aida Asgary, Alex Stalboerger, and Alex Yellick present their work at the Northern Plains Biological Symposium

March 2012: Marinus Otte presents invited seminar at the ND 319 Water Conference

February 2012: Marinus Otte presents invited seminar at the ND Water Monitoring Conference

February 2012: Alex Stalboerger receives ND WRRI Fellowship

January 2012: Marinus Otte becomes Editor-in-Chief of the journal Wetlands

October 2011: Aida Asgary and Emily Fischbach won the coveted 2011 YELLICK AWARD for biggest fieldwork faux pas.  See the award ceremony!

September 2011: La Toya Kissoon, Alex Yellick, Alex Stalboerger, Aida Asgary, Ryan Sullivan* received travel awards to present their work at a meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists North Central Chapter in Jamestown, along with Emily Fischbach*.   *undergraduate

Summer 2011: La Toya Kissoon, Alex Yellick, Alex Stalboerger and Aida Asgary finished or are working on their fieldwork with the help of many hands, including undergraduates Emily Fischbach, John Schmidt, Ryan Sullivan, Josh Borchardt, Alex Hoehle and Candace Kraft (Valley City).

May 2011: Undergraduate Justin Tabaka, and grads La Toya Kissoon and Alex Yellick will present posters at the 2011 Central Region IDeA Conference representing ND INBRE in Omaha.

May 2011: CONGRATULATIONS  Dr. Dimuthu Wijeyaratne and Dr. Sharmila Sunwar, PhD degrees conferred (more photos, project information coming soon)

March 2011: Sharmila Sunwar and Dimuthu Wijeyaratne both SUCCESSFULLY defend their PhD dissertations. Congratulations!

February 2011: La Toya Kissoon is featured on the website of The Wetland Foundation (see link)

January 2011: Alex Yellick began graduate work in WERG

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