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NDSU Gold Star Marching Band fan to get special surprise

Photo of isaac Sorenson

Isaac Sorenson

Isaac Sorenson has been admiring the sounds and energy of the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band ever since he can remember. He can even be seen at times playing along with his trombone during NDSU basketball and football games.

“Isaac is delayed in life, but has always had a musical talent we can’t explain. He can hear music and play it, and can’t read music,” said Sorenson’s mother, Tonya. “Each year Isaac greets the pep band at the men’s basketball games and they have taken time to get to know him. A couple of years ago they found out he played the trombone and asked him to play. He knows all the music, moves and chants of the band.”

On Thursday, Oct. 21, at 7 a.m., the Gold Star Marching Band will be making a special appearance at his home. Sorenson will start his day with the sounds of his favorite band playing songs including “On Bison,” “Hey Baby” and the NDSU Fight Song.

Sorenson’s mother explained that during Bison Bidders Bowl last year, they won a package that included a wakeup call from the Gold Star Marching Band. Johnson reached out to the family this year to see if they could come and play for their number one fan again.

“The band knows how much Isaac loves the band, so I asked leadership if we had time to go visit the Sorenson family and play for Isaac,” said Sigurd Johnson, director of the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band. “They of course said yes, like I knew they would.”

“He said they wanted to come to our house to honor their number one fan and the support Isaac gives them,” said Sorenson. “It has literally reduced our family to tears. Sigurd, his team and these college students just continue to share their time and talents with our son.”

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