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Welcome to the Wet Ecosystem Research Group (WERG)


Dr. Marinus Otte

Dr. Donna Jacob

Dr. Marinus Otte and Dr. Donna Jacob brought the Wet Ecosystem research Group to the Department of Biological Sciences in the Fall of 2006.  Prior to that the research group, then known as the Wetland Ecology Research Group, had been going strong at University College Dublin, Ireland (1992-2006). Dr. Jacob joined the private sector to work as an environmental scientist with Houston Engineering in Fargo in 2014.

The group is about anything and everything to do with wetlands and the research covers a wide range of scales from microscopic (e.g. biogeochemical processes in the rhizosphere) to landscape (e.g. chemical and ecological connectivity between prairie potholes across North Dakota).  Regardless of the scale, the central theme is biogeochemistry and the interactions between multiple elements, water, soils and plants in wet environments.

The group works to collaborate with a variety of researchers, including soil scientists, geologists, environmental engineers, microbiologists, as well as with groups underpinning management of natural resources, such as the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

Currently, WERG has EPA-funded projects about hydrological and chemical connectivity between Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) wetlands in North Dakota and about ecosystem services of restored PPR wetlands as a function of restoration age.

Dr. Marinus Otte is further the Editor-in-Chief of the journal WETLANDS.



October 2018: Yuxiang Yuan and Marinus Otte received an interview from NDSU Communication Coordinator / University Relations. (see link)

June 2014: Hannah Passolt began graduate work in WERG.

May 2014: Carrie Werkmeister passed her preliminary examinations and is now a PhD candidate. Congratulations!

April 2014: Carrie Werkmeister received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from Gamma Sigma Delta. 

March 2014: Sullivan, Kissoon, Jacob, Hanson, and Fischbach, Otte publish an article in March issue of Wetland Science and Practice. This article prominently features the work of Ryan Sullivan, a former undergraduate student (see link)

October 2013: La Toya Kissoon received the NIEHS PhytoScholar travel award to present her work at a meeting of the International Phytotechnology Society in Syracuse, New York.

August 2013: Steph (Longstaff) Hummel joined WERG.

July 2013: Alex Yellick SUCCESSFULLY defended his Master's Thesis. Congratulations!

June 2013: La Toya Kissoon, Carrie Werkmeister, Alex Yellick, and Hannah Passolt receive travel awards to present their work at a meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists in Duluth, MN.

April 2013: Aida Asgary SUCCESSFULLY defended her Master's Thesis. Congratulations!

February 2013: Carrie Werkmeister is featured on the website of The Wetland Foundation (see link)



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