Community Health Sciences Competencies and Course Matrix

Specialization CompetenciesPH 700PH 711PH 722PH 725
CHS 1  Use primary and secondary data to identify and describe the health status of communities and prioritize needs.XXX
CHS 2  Apply evidence-based approaches to design interventions by using public health science and planning models to improve population health.XXX
CHS 3  Collaborate effectively with members of a community through culturally appropriate engagement in the process of public health programming.XXX
CHS 4  Design methods to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. XX
CHS 5  Develop communication messaging strategies to engage communities for population health improvement.XX
CHS 6  Inform public health practice through analysis of policy, systems, and environmental strategies.X
Key for Course Titles
PH 700 Preventing and Managing Chronic Illness PH 722 Applied Community Health
PH 711 Integrating Primary Care and Public Health PH 725 Promoting Health through Policy, Systems, and Environment
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